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About Gokul

Gokul Gruh Udhyog started around 24 years ago in a small house of Rajkot city. The company began with the production and selling various kinds of Namkeens. As the name suggest ‘Gruh udhyog’ meaning cottage industry, the company started with lower production capacity and the namkeen produced was delivered to the venders at their shops through the transportation modes like cycles initially by non-other than the owner himself i.e., Ashokbhai Dalsania. There was continuous improvement always in not only the quality of products but also in the distribution systems as the products were delivered then through motorcycles, thereafter through three-wheelers like auto rickshaws and now presently through trucks. Since then there is no looking back. Today, the company has achieved successful feet in snacks(namkeen) sector made especially customer oriented. Our every product fulfils the promise of HYGIENE, QUALITY and PURITY.

Quality Policy

The organization’s quality policy is as follows: "We, at GOKUL GRUH UDHYOG, are committed to provide our range of food products, and services, which meet the requirements of our customers with a quality standard parameters, and that products and/or services are supplied on schedule at the agreed best price by continual improvement."

Namkeen Production, Packaging & Distribution Concept

In the current 21st century era with the development of the technology and innovations the demand of the common man has increased substantially. Advancement in science has also led us to think about the human nature and their necessities cum demands. The concept of ready to eat foods and safe foods has paved the way for the believers of quality delivery. Customer demands are turning to the healthy processed foods and in order to fulfill this the company Gokul Gruh Udhyog has always focused to design and develop unique in itself products which have qualities that attractall age group people. The company already deals in the manufacturing, packing and distributing different kinds of snack products’ pouches.

There is an increase in number of consumers who have started buying branded snacks(namkeen) instead of loose products from bakeries due to the hygiene and the qualityfactor. In other words, the boom in branded namkeen is driven by consumers upgrading themselves from unbranded segment.

Companies say the market potential is huge. The unorganized market is so huge that it remains undocumented, and even we don't know the size of the total market.

In Gujarat and rest of the Indian regions Namkeens are much famous. People are fond of gathiyas, sev, tikhamitha mix(chavana or bhusu), potato wafers, extruded products etc. The company aims at delivering the best quality and a step further from customer satisfaction to customer delight through customer enlightenment. The main focus is to grab this opportunity to serve the customers throughour best products and services.

Range of Products

Following products are prepared and marketed by the company

Product Profile

BhavanagariGathiya Sakkarpara Aeroplane Masala Faralichevado
ChampakaliGathiya Red chili Shingbhujiya Chokdi Unsalted faralichevado
PapadiGadhiya White shingbhujiya ABCD Tikhamitha mix
TikhaGathiya Masala chanadal Gear ring Panchratnachevdo
Sev Salted chanadal Tomato Wheels Pauvachevado
NaylonSev Moong dal Pudina wheels Dabelachana
TikhiSev Masala vatana Moon chips Bhakharvadi
RatlamiSev Dalmuth Sago balls Salted wafers
  Masala shing Salted Sevmamara Masala wafers
    Garlic sevmamara Cheese & Garlic wafers
      Tomato wafers